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Lincoln Park Police Department



policepatch.jpg The Lincoln Park Police Department and its officers are proud of our heritage of keeping Lincoln Park safe since 1922. Please enjoy our site, contact our officers, provide us feedback as to how we may serve you better.

To Protect and Serve
To Protect and Serve

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln Park Police Department is to provide the highest degree of law enforcement and public safety services to the citizens of the Borough of Lincoln Park. To preserve life, to impartially enforce the law, to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life, to aid individuals in danger of physical harm, to protect citizens' constitutional guarantees, to prevent and address conduct recognized as threatening to life and property. Members of the Lincoln Park Police Department strive to accomplish this mission while maintaining the traditions of fairness, professionalism and integrity established in 1922

Values Statement

The Lincoln Park Police Department members shall strive to accomplish their mission while recognizing that certain core values in policing are non-negotiable. We the members of the Lincoln Park Police Department recognize that:

·In striving to protect and value human life, that all life is precious.

·That in protecting citizens' constitutional rights, such rights apply to all individuals regardless of social status.

·That compassion, fairness, professionalism and integrity are indispensable and demanded qualities of Lincoln Park Police Officers.

·That the community we serve has a vested interest in a responsible, courteous and honest police department.

·That Lincoln Park Police Officers are the most valued assets of our organization and have a shared responsibility in fulfilling OUR MISSION


The Lincoln Park Police Department serves a variety of functions and is segmented into two main divisions. Operations Division and Support Services Division. Organizational Chart should help explain the chain of command within the department.

The Lincoln Park Police Department operates under the concept of "Unity of Command" which means that every officer reports to only one supervisor up the chain of command to the Office of the Chief.

In addition the Division Commanders have a variety state mandated tasks assigned to them in addition to policing. For a more complete picture of job functions click here Division Commander Responsibilities


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